21st October 2020
Alternate dumbbell shoulder press - Alternate Dumbbell Shoulder Press - presse épaule alternée avec haltère - EVO Fitness

Tutorial: Alternate dumbbell shoulder press

The alternate dumbbell shoulder press is a staple upper body strength exercise. Mostly focusing on your shoulders, this exercise can also offer an extra core challenge. […]
19th October 2020
plyometric training - entraînement pliométrique - plyometrisches Training - EVO Fitness

Plyometric training: what is it and how to jump right into it

There are a few areas most athletes want to level up: power, strength, endurance and speed. Plyometric training, also known as jump training, improves them all. […]
14th October 2020
pull-up with leg lift - traction avec levée de jambes - Klimmzug mit Beinhebung - EVO Fitness

Tutorial: Pull-up with leg lift

The pull-up with leg lift is a hugely challenging hybrid exercise. Combining coordinated pulling and hip flexion, you will challenge your upper body while simultaneously working […]
12th October 2020
anti-rotational exercises - exercices anti-rotation - Antirotationsübungen - EVO fitness

4 anti-rotational exercises to include on your workout

Do you find yourself questioning your workout regime and whether you’re attending to the need of every muscle? You can see the muscle tone, core strength […]
7th October 2020
suspended prone tuck - prone tuck suspendu - EVO Fitness

Tutorial: Suspended Prone Tuck

Are you looking for a more challenging exercise to increase your upper body strength and develop a stronger core? It’s time to include suspension training in […]
5th October 2020
Tabata workout - entraînement tabata - EVO Fitness

Workout of the month: Tabata x 3

ALL LEVELS / Tabata workout for strength, speed, endurance / 15 mins Equipment: None Think about this month’s workout as one that you can do anywhere. […]